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11th Aug 2017

Kate Middleton’s necklace is a lovely tribute to Princess Diana

Jade Hayden

Princess diana

So sweet.

We all know Kate Middleton’s big into her necklaces.

Over the years, she’s worn some gorgeous pieces by Mappin & Webb, G. Collins & Sons, and Sonam Rabgye.

She has even been loaned Queen Elizabeth II’s Cartier Necklace from the Nizam of Hyderabad, which was given to the Queen as a wedding present back in 1947.

Kate has also been spotted in a lovely necklace by French inspired jewellers Merci Maman.

This particular piece includes a small, gold disk with the name ‘George Alexander Louis’ engraved on it. It also had a gold heart with a ‘W’ (for William), and a mini charm of a little boy along side it.

The necklace was given to Kate by sister Pippa after the birth of her first son, George.

But, as it turns out, a very similar necklace was given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles in the 1980s.

According to the guys over at Merci Maman, Charles gave Diana the necklace after the birth of her son, William. Like Kate’s necklace, it also has a small, gold disk with a ‘W’ (for William) engraved.

“Upon the birth of Prince William in 1982, Prince Charles gave Diana the gift of a gold pendant engraved their new son’s name, which she always wore close to her heart.”

It’s no surprise then that Kate is carrying on that family tradition and opting to wear a very similar necklace as a tribute to her husband’s late mother, Diana.

On their website, Merci Maman say that mums can recreate Kate’s necklace themselves in silver.

They will engrave the initial of the dad on the heart and the name of the baby or children on the silver disk.

The necklace’s start at $129 not including shipping – which isn’t too pricey, to be honest.