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20th Sep 2018

Jacqueline Jossa has gone honey blonde and we’re obsessed

Such a beautiful shade.
Jacqueline Jossa has gone honey blonde and we're obsessed


Every brunette has toyed with the idea of going a little lighter at least once in her life, be it a subtle balayage or full peroxide.

There’s a shade of blonde for every complexion and it looks like Jacqueline Jossa has found hers.

The actress has debuted a beautiful honey blonde look on her Instagram page last night.

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“Sort of a bit blonde,” the mum-of-two captioned the photo.

The shade she’s gone for is one that would suit lots of brunette gals – slightly golden and multi-tonal without being brassy, which is usually the trickiest thing to overcome when you’re going from dark to light.

Jacqueline didn’t reveal how she’d gotten her new look but a blonde shade like this would take more than one session in the salon to achieve, given how naturally dark her hair is.

A post shared by Jacqueline Osborne (@jacjossa) on

If you’re brunette and want to try being blonde, your best bet is to have a good chat with your colourist before you agree on anything.

He or she will take you through the steps it’ll take to get you to your desired colour.

Make sure to bring pictures to show them but try not to have your heart set on anything, at least straight away – going blonde isn’t easy and can wreak havoc on your hair so do take in board what the professionals tell you.

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