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02nd Apr 2017

This incredible acne makeup tutorial is causing an awful lot of controversy

Gillian Fitzpatrick

One transformative makeup tutorial is causing a load of controversy – because the featured woman has bad acne.

And yeah, it all gets pretty heated pretty quickly.

As posted on Lilly Ghalichi’s Instagram account (she has 2.6m followers), some critics aren’t all that delira with the heavy foundation that’s being plastered on her skin – claiming that the products would only make the woman’s condition worse.

“Don’t put this shit on ur face as her face looks like it hasn’t breathed for a while,” one commentator says, using the hashtag #naturalisbest.

Another chips in with: “Maybe just let her skin breath and keep it clean so all of that can clear up, like holy shit, she was more painted up then the Mona Lisa!”

But it didn’t take long for defenders to out strong. As one person explains: “Jeez people are so mean! I suffered from acne and still do. And the acne left sooo many red marks on my face that I don’t leave the house without make up.

“Make up makes me feel prettier. Maybe that’s why she is putting so much make up on, and because so many judgmental assholes out there.”

A load of others are eager beaver to offer medical advice – telling the woman what to eat, or not eat, and recommending prescription medication. Others throw in their tuppence worth by way of suggesting alternative, or natural remedies and courses of vitamin supplements.

The video currently has 500K views, and at least some people are pleading for reason and sense.

“Damn, can y’all let people live?!” states one. “I’m sure this girl is taking the necessary steps to take care of her skin. Are people with cystic acne never supposed to wear make up?! That kind of logic is absurd.”

You can watch the video here:

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