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06th May 2020

I was on a mission to tan my own back and here’s the method that actually worked

Cassie Stokes

Believe it or not there are people out there who can tan their own backs.

Like everyone else in Ireland I have spent years (too many) discussing fake tan in detail. Which one do you use? How much tan do you use? When do you put your tan on? How long does it take you? The list goes on and on.

Through all my years wearing fake tan – roughly 16 years – I have never met someone who can put fake tan on their own back until now.

Myself and my girlfriend were discussing fake tan recently, covering the usual ‘which? where? how?’ questions. Then she mentioned that she could tan her own back. Her OWN back. I used to think that was just an urban myth.

So I asked her to show me, and it transpired that she was telling the truth. She glides it on effortlessly, so effortlessly in fact you would swear it was one of her arms she was tanning. I was impressed. As someone who has spent my life asking my mom, boyfriends, sister, girlfriends and even some roommates to cover my back in tan, this, to me, is a skill that you would put on your CV.

The key to tanning your back without any help from anyone else, it seems, is flexibility – which I do not possess. Instead, I did a shout out on Instagram for tips and tricks, added them to my girlfriend’s advice and gave it another go. You can watch a video of how I got on above.

My girlfriend’s top tip was to turn the mitt/glove and use the back of my hand to get the parts that I’d usually miss. I tried and, spoiler, it didn’t work.

Using a wooden spoon with a mitt is something that I had tried before but without much success. The wooden spoon gives the additional reach that I need, but the mitt doesn’t stay on and is difficult to direct.

This time, however, I was told by a fellow fake tan lover to tie the mitt on with a hair bobbin. It worked, and my mind was blown!

Thank you world.

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