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25th May 2020

Recipe: 3 ingredient zesty body scrub to give you a stunning spa experience from home

I don’t want no scrub.

… Apart from a body scrub, that is.

The coronavirus pandemic is stressful. This is a fact.

Although some of us may be dealing with the effects of the outbreak better than others, chances are there isn’t a soul among us who isn’t in need of a good chill-session.

And what better way to chill out than making a body scrub, rubbing it all over your body, and ensuring that you’ve got the smoothest skin in the land?


Belfast’s The Culloden Hotel is very much known for their authentic and deeply relaxing tranquil spa experiences – and unfortunately they, like hundreds of other businesses, have had to put a halt to their treatments since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

That doesn’t, however, mean that they’re going to keep their relaxing secrets to themselves.

Rather, Manager Niamh Rice has shared an easy to make at-home body scrub recipe that’s perfect for oily skin.

The scrub, aptly named Hastings Heavenly Body Scrub, uses zesty ingredients to create the perfect aroma for giving your body a deep cleanse – and ensuring maximum relaxation during a time that can sometimes feel anything put relaxing.

You will need: 

  • Zested lemon, acting as a natural astringent
  • A touch of rosemary, with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties making it perfect for acne-prone skin
  • Your choice of bath salts to cleanse the skin

Here’s how to prepare and use the scrub: 

  • Apply liberally by massaging onto the skin
  • Leave on the skin and relax
  • Wash off after 10 minutes and your skin will feel smoother and brighter

You’d be mad not to hop on this for the evening.

So grab yourself a few cucumbers for your eyes, slip into something comfortable, and rub salt on your entire body.