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09th Oct 2018

Here’s why experts think you should ditch your conditioner ASAP

Ohhh, we see.

Denise Curtin

We’ve spent forever and a day thinking conditioner was good for our hair and now, it appears it might not actually be the best option.

From constant styling and heat products, our hair goes through the mill and thinking everything will be A-OK by slathering on conditioner is actually incorrect… it seems.

Yes, according to hair guru, Jason Hogan at Josh Wood Atelier, he spoke to Glamour UK dishing the truth on our beloved conditioner and explaining why we need to ditch it in favour of a hair mask.

“A mask has more of the active ingredients that your hair needs, especially for long or overly processed bleached hair. Hair with any sort of length in it is going to be so much older so will need much more attention”, he explained.

Jason believes we should be using a mask EVERY time we wash our hair and here’s what he recommends.

“Towel dry the hair and bring the product through the mids and ends, use a comb or Tangle Teezer to ensure it is evenly distributed and each strand of hair is bathed in product – leave on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse well.”

“If you do experience any kind of build-up, use a cleansing shampoo as it is always nice to refresh the hair.”

According to Jason, it’s time to start caring for your scalp the same way you care for your complexion and a hair mask packs that TLC needed.

But like every product for your skin, make sure you opt for one that suits you. There’s a mask for every hair type so make sure you do your research before you splurge. Your follicles will thank you.