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10th May 2023

Her readers reveal their best designer perfume dupes from just €10

Woman spraying herself with perfume

“Anything I’ve ordered has been amazing and has a long lasting scent”

The almighty dupe has become such a phenomenon within the beauty industry that you can be fairly certain the €150 perfume you’ve been eyeing has a €20 dupe SOMEWHERE online.

The issue is, sometimes the cheaper perfumes are no comparison to the original brand’s work of finely-scented art.

Enter, Her readers with their tried and tested perfume dupes that will save you a fortune in the future.

From online stores dedicated solely to ‘inspired by’ perfumes, to hidden gems in some of the top high street stores in Ireland – we’ve got you covered.

If you have a pharmacy that also stocks beauty products near you, then you’ve heard of Jenny Glow – the ultimate dupe brand.

Lots of readers added its name to the pot; Debbie says: “Jenny glow – myrhh & bean exact same as jo malone.”

Grainne agreed, writing: “The ‘Jenny Glows’ are very good,” while Laura Jane added: “Jenny glows are brilliant. The lime & basil perfume is a great dupe of Coolwaters.”

There were a lot of ‘Valley of Roses’ fans in the comments, which we’ve now learned is an Irish business that creates ‘inspired by’ fragrances.

It sounds perfect for those who want to smell expensive without needing to hand over hundreds of euros.

Claire confirmed: “Valley of Roses, Kilkenny. Anything I’ve ordered has been amazing and has a long-lasting scent.”

Susan added: “Valley of Roses Kilkenny she’s absolutely amazing and the best by far.”

Meanwhile, Karol said: “Valley of Roses is my all-time favourite. Andrianna is absolutely amazing at what she does.

“I love perfume and the day I found her little shop in Kilkenny was faith. An absolute gem for anyone that loves perfume.”

The Essence Vault was another business mentioned numerous times by fellow fragrance-lovers.

They are another website that create fragrances inspired by some of the most expensive brands on the market.

One reader even recommended their version of Baccarat Rouge 540 – which normally retails for over €250. The Essence Vault’s version is a mere tenth of that price for 100ml.

Katy says: “The Essence Vault does the best dupes. The Alien one is my fave.”

Charlie added: “The Essence Vault is unreal, have so many designer brand scents on their website.”

If you’re not an avid online shopper, Angela kindly advised that “Zara’s Red Temptation” is the perfect dupe “for Baccarat Rouge.”

A wild card thrown in by Frances revealed that Lidl has some stunning dupes – but you need to be quick when stock arrives in.

She wrote: “Lidl! Their Chloe dupe Chalou. Also according to others Suddenly Lovely is a dupe of J’Adore. Unfortunately unable to get it as it’s constantly sold out.”

However, others have found such amazing dupes for their designer perfumes, they don’t even want to share for fear they will sell out – very fair!

One of our readers, Caroline wrote: ‘I’m keeping my find a secret!!’


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