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27th Oct 2019

Hemp Seed Extract is the key to sleek, non-frizzy hair, and here’s why

Rebecca O'Keeffe

hemp seed extract

Works like a charm.

Frizzy hair can be extremely difficult to tame.

Even when you think you’ve sorted it, the little fuzzy bits always seem to make an appearance.

Well folks, thankfully, hemp seed extract is here to help solve all your hair woes.

According to Aussie, 95 percent of women with thick hair suffer from frizz, making it the second biggest hair concern for almost 14 million women. 

So yeah, those numbers are intense.

Whilst we can’t control atmospheric humidity, we can help to calm that pesky frizz. 

The lovely humans at Aussie have come up with a plan of attack, and it involves hemp seed extract.

hemp seed extract

The team searched high and low for an ingredient that can transform your hair, ensuring frizz no longer gets a look-in.

So, say hello to Australian Hemp Seed Extract.

Hemp is a member of the Cannabis sativa species of plant, a clear green oil made by cold-pressing hemp seeds.

No, it’s not cannabidiol (CBD)… that baby is an extract produced from hemp flowers and leaves

Hemp seed oil, described as a ‘high’ power ingredient, replenishes moisture and nourishes hair.

Aussie has spent years working with Hemp Seed to harness its benefit, becoming one of the first mass hair brands to have this moisture-miracle ingredient at the heart of its formulas.

Their unreal new ‘Calm The Frizz’ collection uses locally sources Hemp Seed Extract from the pristine and picturesque coastal areas of the Northern Rivers of Australia. 

Making sure only the best ingredients go into its products, Aussie farmers hand-pick each harvest ensuring the most nourishing seeds are used in its superior conditioning formula. 

The Hemp within this range is sourced from Queensland and is bursting with Protein, Vitamin E, Magnesium and Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids which act as an elixir for the hair.

Seriously, you’ll be silky smooth.

Staying true to its reputation for great haircare that also smells incredible, the NEW ‘Calm The Frizz’ range is infused with blackcurrant, green galbanum oil and passion fruit, so your hair will smell as delicious as it looks!

If you want to sort out your fuzz, get the hemp seed oil out lads.