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09th Aug 2023

Hairstylist busts haircare myths and reveals how often you should actually wash it


A hairstylist has finally answered the age-old questions of ‘how often should I wash my hair?’ – but it’s not what you would expect.

The internet has been flooded with influencers, haircare enthusiasts and stylists giving their opinion on the topic, but most seem to agree on the ‘once a week’ rule.

Now, The Salon Guy – best-known for his YouTube success after garnering over 600K Subscribers on the video-sharing platform – is singing a different tune.

He said: “In my honest opinion, as a hairstylist for many, many years, wash your hair as needed.

“Now, what does that actually mean? What does your scalp need? What does your hair need?”

Anyone who goes to the gym, plays sport, or is just generally more active, you’ll be happy to know that washing your hair “as often as possible” is best practice for you.

He assured viewers: “It’s not going to make your hair fall out, it’s not going to do any damage to your hair – it’s not going to be the end of the world.”

The expert continued: “In my opinion, washing your hair two or three times a week – maybe Monday, Wednesday and Friday – is absolutely perfect.”

However, he did clarify that it is possible to wash your hair too often. If you’re doing it every single day while using the wrong shampoo and hair products, you’ll dry your scalp out.