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01st Jan 2022

These are the hair trends set to dominate 2022

New year, new hair.

2022 is here and with it comes a whole new bunch of hair trends.

It’s the perfect time to change things up a little, so if you’re thinking of taking a trip to the salon but aren’t too sure what to go for as you head into the new year – don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you.

From short cuts to bold colours to natural textures, here are the hair trends predicted to take over.

The ‘bixie’ cut

Yes, you guessed it – a mix between a bob and a pixie. This cut adds shape and volume to shorter length hair, and it’s giving us ’90s vibes.

But be warned: this will reduce the time it takes to style your hair but the upkeep is going to require frequent trips to the salon. Worth it though, if you ask us! 

’70s shag cut

Shag and wolf cuts were super trendy in 2021 and it looks like they’re not going anywhere any time soon. It’s got a very rock n’ roll cool girl vibe and looks like a big commitment, but towards the end of last year we saw more and more people embracing it. And we’re going to be seeing even more variations of this type of cut throughout 2022.

Neon-hued balayage

Listen, we are going bold in 2022 and leaving the fear behind. This look adds a lot of fun to the classic balayage or ombre. Add a pop of neon colour like green, pink or yellow for a rainbow-esque ‘do. 

The side fringe

Hate to say we told you so. 2021 was the year that gen Z officially cancelled the side part and the middle party reign supreme, but experts predict that the ’00s look is coming back sooner rather than later. So what are you waiting for? Embrace your nostalgia and re-awaken your teenage self.

The ‘sliced’ bob

This super sleek mid-length version of the classic bob is yet another of to the ’90s. There’s a lot of types of bobs out there and this is one of the most effortlessly chic ones out there and is sure to be the hottest of 2022.

Grey hair/Natural hair 

So here for this one. Embracing natural texture and colour is going to be big in 2022.  

If you have naturally curly or bushy hair – nows the time to make the most of it.

Also, going grey has always been a sign of ageing gracefully, and since the pandemic forced salons to close in 2020, more and more women have been ditching the dye. Andie McDowell recently showed off her natural look on the red carpet, while Cynthia Nixon’s embraced her grey in And Just Like That.

Happy New Year!