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17th Jul 2022

Hailey Bieber swears by this €18 face cream that’s available from every pharmacy

Trine Jensen-Burke

She is famous for her ‘glazed doughnut’ dewy skin.

Hailey Bieber, who recently launched her very own skincare company – Rhode – has frequently talked about how serious she takes her skincare regime.

Her goal? All the dewiness.

“My standard when I go to bed at night is that if I’m not getting into bed looking like a glazed doughnut, then I’m not doing the right thing,” she told her YouTube followed a while back.

“Find yourself a moisturiser that helps you look like a glazed doughnut at the end of the day.”

The 28-year-old has also previously opened up about her skin problems, admitting that she has in the past struggled with perioral dermatitis, a condition that can result in scaly, dry and flaky skin, with swollen, inflamed bumps called papules. It is one of many types of dermatitis, and perioral dermatitis can look like acne and is often mistaken for it.

However, it seems Bieber has a secret weapon when it comes to keeping her skin in perfect condition these days – and the good news? It costs just €18 and is available from most chemists and pharmacies.

Recently, the model took to her Instagram to share one of her holy grails. Posting a picture of Avene’s Cicalfate Restorative Protection Cream, she revealed she uses the lotion “on top at night” to seal the rest of her skincare in, adding “I ❤️ this product forever.”