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12th Aug 2020

Green hair and ripped bikini lines! We have only ourselves to blame for these lockdown beauty disasters

Make the pain stop

When DIY beauty hacks go wrong.

If you thought about waxing your own bikini line during lockdown, you’re not alone… but that doesn’t mean it’s advised!

At-home beauty treatments have become the norm, thanks to lockdown, but there is a reason you usually get these things done by professionals.

If you have tried an at-home DIY beauty treatment you will know that you are taking your “beauty” into your own inexperienced hands and that has proven to be quite disastrous in a lot of cases.

I waxed my upper lip for the first time while I was in lockdown, it was a chance I was willing to take. Lucky for me it worked but a recent study in the Uk found that 34% of peopler who chanced at home treatments ended up with bad results.


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Would you let your partner wax your upper lip??? ? Watch as @cassiestokes tries at home waxing for the first time

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Two thousand people who were involved in the study and the results range from burns from hair removal cream to green hair and shaving off eyebrows.

The more minor complaints include bad fake tan results and a few light reactions to face masks that were left on too long. A grand total of 33% of people surveyed actually had to go seek professional help to fix their disasters!

Other treatments that came up were at home pedicures, which sound very difficult and something we would probably stay away from but there didn’t seem to be too many problems with those!

If you thought about waxing your own bikini line during lockdown, you are not the only one… a quarter of people involved in the study tried waxing themselves!

I asked my girlfriend to wax my upper lip just to give her the joy of getting to see me in a little bit of pain but turns out I’m not the only one who enlisted the help of a partner with 27% of them doing just that. Only 12% of people asked their child for some help and we think that stat is even too high!