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21st Jan 2018

‘Glitterage’ is the dazzling hair trend we’ll be seeing A LOT of this year


Jade Hayden


Did somebody say “unicorn”?

No? Well if they didn’t, they may as well start because “glitterage” is here and it’s absolutely certain to make you look like you’ve got a unicorn’s mane tumbling down from your scalp.

Glitterage is a little something that looks set to become a massive hair trend in 2018.

It’s taken its inspiration from mythical figures, fairytale creatures, and every single one of us huns who shows up to festivals every year drowning in sparkles.

It’s essentially a balayage but with glitter.

… And it’s class.

Glitterage made its debut on Instagram last month thanks to hairdresser Danielle Wade.

Danielle shared the above video of the glitterage she did for one of her clients and Jesus Christ, if it doesn’t look incredible.

Danielle used teal and blue glitter hair gels from Major Moonshine on top of her client’s already dyed hair.

She applies the glitter in the way one might apply a balayage – generously to the strips of hair to create a gradient effect that looks a little like something you might find under the sea (mermaids) as opposed to your local hairdressers (not mermaids, unfortunately).


Understandably, Danielle’s glitterage creation has received a lot of traction online.

After all, people love glitter and festival season is only a mere four or five months away.

People have even started doing their own glitterage from the comfort of their own homes and the results are fairly dazzling.

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Roll on the summer, lads.