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05th Apr 2022

Get ready for the return of ’90s frosted eyeshadow

Katy Brennan

Oh the nostalgia.

Every era has that one standout makeup trend and, when it comes to the ’90s, it’s got to be frosted eyeshadow.

For the Gen Zs among us who weren’t around at the time, the look was the go-to of stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Pamela Anderson in the late ’90s.

Frosted eyeshadow typically came in colours like lilac, icy blue, mint, pale pink, and even silver Рbut most importantly, it had to be metallic and shimmery.

It was usually paired with a pink sparkly lip and, somehow, it went with every. single. outfit. It truly was the cool girl trend of the ’90s.

Now, as trends do, it’s on the way back around. And honestly, we’re obsessed.

Celebrities haven’t taken long to try it out for themselves, from supermodel Gigi Hadid to Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira. Doja Cat even killed the look at this year’s Grammys.

Convinced to give it a try? All you really need is a frosted shadow in a light colour. But the key is not to be shy – after applying your eye primer, sweep that shimmery shade all over your eyelid and up into the crease.

When it comes to the resurgence of old trends, they tend to come back with a more modern look (naturally, because otherwise we’d be doomed to recycle old trends forever and ever).

To achieve this, you can add a small cat eye flick with liquid or gel liner, before adding false lashes. And if you wanna be a little extra (because why the hell not?) pair your shadow with a frosted icy-toned highlighter.

Next, apply lipstick in a shade of your choice and finish things off by popping some shimmery pink or clear lip gloss to the middle of your lips.

Yes, the icons of the ’90s loved to apply all over, but just a hint in the middle will ensure you secure that more modern look – while making your lips appear bigger.

Move over Y2K, the ’90s is coming for its moment.