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22nd Oct 2015

Forget Smoky Eyes, Tropical Make-Up Is All Over Social Media

It's like a rainbow.

Cathy Donohue

A smoky eye is our usual go-to look when it comes to a night out, but that could be about to change thanks to tropical make-up.

As you can probably guess, tropical eyes are all about vibrant splashes of colour and it’s a look that could take a lot of practice.

However, once you’ve decided on a mix of colours and blended them artfully, the finished effect is only gorgeous. We’re also loving the splash of dark featured in the below look as it is the ideal mix of smoky/tropical, just look at how her eyes pop!

Previously, we’ve steered away from bright colours, fearing that we’ll look like circus clowns rather than make-up pros.

However, we might have to give it another go after seeing what these ladies have achieved.