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04th Nov 2015

Five Simple Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know


With life getting busier and busier, there ain’t no time to be spending hours and hours on our beauty routines. We’ll try anything to make life easier, so we’re constantly on the hunt for new tips and tricks. 

Here are five classic beauty hacks every girl needs in her back pocket…

1. Thicken your brows with Vaseline

Next time your mascara runs out, don’t even think about throwing away that wand. Wash it, dip in Vaseline and get working on your Cara Delevingne-style bushy brows.


2. Make your eyes pop with white eyeliner 

For those mornings when you’re feeling exhausted or nursing a hangover, use a white (or very light) eyeliner to make your eyes comes back to life. This simple trick will transform your face, and fool everyone around you into thinking you’ve had a fantastic night’s sleep!

White Cosmetic pencil. Make-up tool. Womun eye is close-up.

3. Nail polish = tights saver

This is an oldie but a goodie. If you notice a hole starting to appear in your tights, grab the nearest nail polish and apply it around all the edges of the pesky ladder. This will stop it from getting bigger, and hopefully get you through the day.

nail polish tights

4. Ditch the eyelash curler and reach for mascara

Rimmel’s new Supercurler mascara is a mascara and lash curler all in one. Yes, you heard us. The volumising formula has a curling and fixing polymer which instantly pushes up lashes to a perfect curve that holds for 24 hours. Goodbye scary eyelash curlers….

rimmel fri 2nd october am - new

5. Change how (and where!) you apply perfume

One of our biggest beauty goals is to keep ourselves smelling great throughout the day. It turns out that all you need is some carefully placed sprays to keep your fragrance going all day long. Apply to the six parts of the body highlighted below and that will do the trick!

perfume spots rimmel

Image via Red Magazine

This article is brought to you by Rimmel. Rimmel’s new 24 Hour Supercurler mascara is the first volumising mascara with built-in, long lasting 24hr lash curling power.