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22nd Apr 2019

Finally, a good-for-you BB cream… and yes, you will GLOW

Louise Carroll

It’s a very good thing that our demand for cleaner, more sustainable beauty products are pushing producers to keep up and provide.

Not only is it better for the planet to use natural, clean and sustainable ingredients but of course, it’s good for our skin too. What the Earth loves, our skin does too.

So, with summer on the way and running out of foundation, it was time for me to begin the hunt for a better, more nourishing product for the skin and I thought, why not a BB Cream?

I’ve tried a few over the years and none have given an effect I’ve liked nor have they avoided using a strong fragrance, and remember there’s usually a reason for that too…

After trying Lily Lolo BB Cream though, I’m convinced there are producers out there who are really trying to create a great product for skin and avoid using harsh chemicals. The Lily Lolo BB Cream contains sodium hyaluronate (helps hold onto water, therefore giving a vibrant, youthful glow), organic aloe (to calm the skin) and jojoba oil that helps moisturise. It’s also silicone-free.


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Okay, I know just yesterday I was agreeing with the message that to really be sustainable (and not just trendy) we should only buy when needed and I STILL AGREE! But when you ARE on the market for BB cream @lilylolouk’s is laaavely! I got a sample from @thecleanbeautyedit (who are amazing – Irish-owned and all about cleaner living, toxin-free living) and I love. Haven’t actually worn any heavy makeup in 2 weeks. Wooo! If anyone has any recommendations for Earth-friendly, skin-friendly, vegan, clean beauty/lifestyle bits please let me know if you think they’re worth shouting about. Worth doing a lil’ roundup soon and knowing what ppl think and what’s out there. X #nowtogetridofplastic ? #skinhealth #beauty #skincare #vegan #toxinfree #natural #botanicalbased #sustainableproduction #cleanbeauty #giveahoot

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Lily Lolo BB Cream comes in Fair, Light and Medium. Above is Light.

It does give light coverage (as BB creams do) but it’s calming properties help reduce any redness in the skin and make for an even, yet natural looking tone. It promotes skin luminescence, contains natural antioxidants and has antibacterial protection too.

For me, I always have redness around my nose and blemishes around the jaw line. It’s not so much that the Lily Lolo BB Cream (€17.60) covers this, but it does calm it in such a way, that it blends with the rest of my skin.

To be honest, I’d imagine it’s a look that plenty will prefer because it’s more true to life, yet with this, you’re bound to look good too! There’s no caked or faked look, it’s simply a little helping boost to the skin, providing vitality, a calming effect and colour. It’s also anti-ageing and vegan-friendly. (Hurrah!)

So when your current go-to bottle empties and you’re on the market for an impeccable every-day glow come natural beauty boosting BB cream, look no further. You’ll find it super handy to get your mitts on it at The Clean Beauty Edit – Ireland’s newest beauty emporium. Like us, they rave about all things toxin-free and sustainable and you’ll adore having a mosey around their site.

Here’s to healthy skin and a healthy planet.

We want to shout about earth-friendly, animal-friendly and human-friendly products. So if there are any you’re mad about, feel free to get in touch and tell us what you think.