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16th Mar 2018

This face oil is receiving five star reviews from everyone and we need to try it!

Our next splurge!

Nothing like a new beauty product to add to our routine!

And this one looks LUSH!

Neom, who brought us the most delicious scented soy candles are back and this time it is with a new face oil. Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep face oil has been receiving five star review after five star review since it dropped on their website earlier this year.

And TBH, we are not surprised, the face oil contains tonnes of natural ingredients and vitamins including vitamin A, B, C, E and F, Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as tonnes of moisturising oils like rosehip, almond, cranberry, wheat germ and peach kernel oil.

Oils can often be tricky to use and if you are like us, you have experienced spilling them all over yourself at least once. But this oil comes with a handy dropper tool and Neom recommends you using a couple drops massaged into your face at night.

You can purchase the oil via their website for €48 here.

Going by some of these stellar reviews on their site like this one below… we need it asap.

“Smells heavenly, relaxes tense muscles and leaves skin feeling beautifully moisturised.”

We are sold!