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13th Jun 2022

Everything we know about Hailey Bieber’s skincare range coming this week

Sarah McKenna Barry

The model’s skincare collection Rhode comes out later this week.

It’s no secret that Hailey Bieber’s skin is particularly enviable, so when we heard that she was launching her own skincare line, you better believe we made a note of it.

The model shared that her line, Rhode, will be available from 15 June last week. In a post on Instagram highlighting her stunning complexion, Hailey wrote: “dewy, delicious skin is almost here. see you in one week.”

Until now, Hailey hasn’t given away much to do with Rhode. The website is live, but right now it’s just a mailing signup list promising new information soon. However, judging on the images shared on the brand’s official Instagram page, it looks like the collection will be all about creating healthy, moisturised skin and lips.

So far, Hailey has teased two products that are part of the Rhode line. In one Instagram post, she shared a close-up photo of a model’s face, and wrote: “glazed. coming June 15th to”

Another picture shared on Rhode’s official Instagram shows a model’s plump lips as they delve into a juicy strawberry. The caption for this picture reads: “juicy. coming June 15th to” In the comments, fans automatically assumed that juicy is a lip product, and excitement started to build.

Online sleuths have shared their theories about what to expect from the range. The Instagram account @TrendMood1, which sources the latest beauty news, believes that the line will consist of a serum, a mask and a moisturiser among other products. What’s more, TrendMood reckons that in terms of pricing, Rhode will be on the slightly more affordable end of celebrity beauty lines, with most of the products costing less than $30 (€28.60).

In any case, we absolutely cannot wait for Hailey to launch the line this Wednesday.