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24th Aug 2015

Oh Dear! One Irish Supermarket Thinks This is a Back to School Essential

It's not like it was in our day.

Rebecca McKnight

New books, maybe a new pencil case and some pretty pens (let’s take a moment for gel pens and the 00s obsession we all shared), even a new bag if you’re lucky. 

There are many things a student needs when this time of year rolls around, and more often than not it’s a case of tapping up the Bank of Mam & Dad with pleas of “I neeeeeeeed it”.

Things must have changed a lot in recent years though, because we can just imagine the reactions of Mammy and Daddy Her if we went asking for a can of Sally Hansen under the heading of  “Back to school essential”.

According to Dunnes Stores though, you’re not truly ready for a new school year unless you have a golden glow…


UPDATE: 17.05 Representatives for Dunnes Stores have tweeted to say the promotion was an error and is being removed from stores

Hat tip: Thanks to Damien Devane for sending this one our way, picture snapped by Louise Hennessy! If you’ve spotted something weird or wonderful you think should feature on, get in touch! You’ll find us on Twitter here, on Facebook here or you can drop us a line to [email protected]!