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02nd Aug 2019

This €8.50 concealer is my secret weapon when it comes to banishing spots and redness

Goodbye uneven winter skin.

Denise Curtin

Star buy.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a concealer that not only lasts but also leaves your skin feeling filter perfect. I’d know. I’ve spent more than I’d like to admit trying out everything from NARS to Rimmel, Armani to Essence to find the products that I believe do their job at the highest level of excellence.

And when it comes to concealer it can often be a tough one. You want something that firstly, actually covers your blemishes and imperfections then next, you want one that’s not too liquidy/cakey and lastly, you want one that gives you value for money, one you feel you apply liberally if needed without spending a fortune with every stroke and so, although it may seem near impossible, I’ve found one that provides just all of that.

Soap & Glory’s Kick Ass Blur and Brighten Concealer crayon. For €8.50, this concealer not only does what it says on the tin, blurring imperfections and brightening the skin but, it’s also perfect to pop into your bag for the gal or guy on-the-go with no need for an applicator or brush.

Credit – It’s KTCredit – It’s KT

This concealer first started as part of a compact and became so popular that they gave it its very own product which is now relatively new to the scene having first hit shelves this year.

Trust me, you won’t go wrong with this concealer. But one tip ahead of use – remember to blend. With many concealers, due to their consistency, they can often come across clumped or gathered on the face and so, it’s a good idea to blend and top up as needed before finishing with a fix spray.

My secret weapon!

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You’ll be hooked in no time.

And if it’s a new foundation you’re after that again… doesn’t break the bank – you can check out my favourite one here.