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28th Aug 2022

This €5 buy is the best thing for dry heels – and it’s probably in your bathroom already

dry heels

Summer can be tough on our feet.

Wearing sandals, walking around in our bare feet, sand, and saltwater – it is no wonder our heels often feel dry and flaky this time of year.

Some even experience those dreaded heel cracks, which can be so painful to deal with.

If this sounds familiar, you have probably (like us) tried a whole lot of different creams and lotions (and maybe even been to see a chiropodist about it), which can all end up costing a pretty penny.

However, we might have just discovered the most effective – and cheap – trick out there for treating your cracked heels.

And the best bit? You most likely have a tub at home already.

According to beauty website Byrdie, who had chatted to podiatrist Andrew Gladstone, there is one household item that works wonders on your feet – Sudocrem.


Yup, that’s right – the same thing you have probably smeared on your baby’s red bum a hundred times and then some. As for treating your heels at home, this is what Gladstone had to say:

“If your cracked heels get really bad, you can always use Sudacrem,” he said, also pointing out that you should never try to clip or cut off dry skin, but always just use an emery board on dry skin.

And after doing a quick Google search, we discovered that there is indeed something to the whole Sudecrem trick, with lots of blogs and forums discussing the wonderful merits of this nappy rash creme.

And having tested it, we can report that we are now converted – and have heels that look a lot better than before.