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24th May 2019

DNA braids are now a thing, and they’re actually really groovy

Adore these!

Rebecca O'Keeffe

dna braIDS

Festival hair, anyone?

So we’re in full festival planning RN.

However, as we all know, there’s more to a festival look then denim shorts and a bitta fringe.

The hair and makeup honestly MAKES the look, so effort must be made.

The beauty about festival hair is that you can go a bit mad with it.

You know those styles that you’d NEVER wear on an ordinary day? Well, aim for that.

Which is why I’m here to tell you about DNA braids.

Simply put, DNA braids are plaits twisted in a helix design that resembles the nucleic acid.

Hair goddess Alex Gaboury is the brains behind this scientific trend.

I know, I know, it looks complicated.

Thankfully, Alex shared a step by step video on how to get your very own DNA braids.

“Starting off with 3 strands, the middle one being smaller then the others as that will be a stationary strand.”

“When taking a strand from left side you are going over that section, under the middle and adding to right side then taking a small section from right side is then brought under and then over the middle section and added to left section.”

“Make sure your being consistent with that pattern, the braid naturally starts to twist towards left as you go down so you have to keep it tight while braiding or else it will become more difficult.”

“Small sections are always better, they make the braid look more intricate.”

Sounds easy enough…?