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12th Dec 2023

Cosaint: Elevating at-home skincare with innovative devices that deliver great results

Sophie Collins


Cosaint, a skincare brand based at the renowned Wicklow Street Clinic in Dublin, stands at the forefront of personalised skincare solutions. 

Jamie Moore, a therapist at the clinic, spoke to about the Cosaint commitment to addressing diverse skin concerns, ranging from general ageing to blemishes.

With a range of cutting-edge devices, Cosaint provides a unique and effective approach to maintaining skin health at home.

What sets Cosaint apart is its origin story, inspired by client interactions at The Wicklow Street Clinic. The brand saw the need to provide at-home solutions to complement in-clinic treatments. 

At the heart of the concept behind their devices is a blend of traditional and state-of-the-art technologies. From Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to Radio Frequency (RF), each device caters to specific skincare needs. 

The Ultrasonic Skin Peeler, which I have been testing out for several weeks now, utilises high-frequency soundwaves to remove debris and excess buildup, leaving the skin radiant. 


Meanwhile, the lifting mode, activated with a button on the front of the device, combines micro-current and high-frequency pulsations for improved serum penetration and a lifted, toned effect.

The results I have seen since the beginning of November on my own skin are a testament to the promises made by this brand; my skin feels cleaner, tighter and looks visibly bright and clear.

Jamie explained: “Our ultrasonic skin peeler emits ultrasonic vibrations which are basically high frequency sound waves, which create pressure that pushes debris to the surface and removes excess build up from your skin. Leaving your skin glowing and radiant.

“At the push of a button, the lifting mode can be activated. This setting uses micro-current and high frequency pulsations, which encourages active ingredients in serums and moisturisers to penetrate further into your skin. It has the added bonus of creating a lifted, toned effect by promoting blood stimulation.”

Another standout device from this brand, according to Jamie, is the RF and EMS Eye Device, which features a unique fusion of Radio Frequency and Electrical Muscle Stimulation. 

This powerful combination lifts and tightens skin tissue, reduces inflammation with red LED therapy, and addresses concerns like dark circles and puffiness.

These devices are suitable for all skin types and are compatible with existing skincare products. Jamie advised that they have something for everyone: “Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin or just general ageing concerns.”

Jamie Moore

She also highlighted the fact that consistency is key and “with recommended usage 2-3 times per week for noticeable results over time”. 

The brand also recommends pairing your routine with specific Eminence skincare products for optimal outcomes with their technology.

The Irish brand bridges the gap between professional skincare treatments and at-home care with a focus on prevention and protection and as the skincare landscape evolves, it remains a beacon of innovation, promising more groundbreaking devices in the very near future. 

Jamie also revealed that there is a promising jowl tightening device currently in development, which echoes Cosaint’s dedication to expanding its innovative offerings for all ages.

Keep an eye on their social media for updates on the latest advancements in skincare technology.

And for those who are interested in trying out one of their at-home treatments, Jamie says: “You can pick one of the devices based on your skin concerns or you can pop into The Wicklow Street Clinic, Dublin 2 where we can best advise them on which device will suit their skin. 

“We’re all highly trained in skin consultation so we know by having one look at someone’s skin (even under make-up) of what they need to use.”