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25th Nov 2018

Contouring your pubic hair is the latest wax trend… yep it’s the ‘Edgy Mojo’

I mean...

Denise Curtin

Contouring your face is sooo 2016.

Heck, even contouring your collarbones is old at this stage. Now it is all about contouring your pubes. Yep… your PUBES.

Titled the “Edgy Mojo”, and created by the founder of Ministry Of Waxing, Cyntha Chua – Chua explains that it involves waxing and trimming your lady garden to form a strategically shaped triangle based on your shape to give the optical illusion of flatter hips and a thinner physique.

“Our professional therapists always look at the physique and body shape of the woman and recommend the best finish for down below, which is guaranteed to make them feel amazing about themselves,” Cyntha told Glamour.

The “Edgy Mojo” is now available in five salons across London, with no word of pickup here yet. And although it seems to be receiving some decent reviews online, we’re not fully sure.

Like… altering your pubic hair to make yourself seem thinner and “flatter” seems drastic. Women are beautiful the way they are embracing the bush or whipping it all off, but structuring it to basically look “skinner”, is this really a service that anyone should be promoting?

Another service offered by the Ministry Of Waxing is called the “Glitter Gram” which involves stencilling a letter or a shape in glitter just above your vagina with Glamour describing it as a way to “surprise your lover”… once again, would this make us run to the beautician and lie out on the bed until our someone special rocks home for us to go “surprise hun here’s your initial on my vag!” absolutely not, but who is to say this isn’t someone’s cup of tae? Not us.

What do you think? Would this be something you’d try out?