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07th Dec 2017

Christmas tree brows are now a thing and we’re pretty into it

This is class.
christmas tree brows

We know, we know.

It seems like every second week there’s a new brow trend sweeping the pages of the internet.

In fairness to us though, it’s been awhile since there’s been a trend quite like this one and we have to say, we’re kind of into it too.

Deck the brows and all that.

Yep, Christmas tree brows are now a thing and seeing as it’s now less than 20 sleeps until the big day, we would honestly be all over this if we possessed the skills or any kind of patience to make this happen.

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Like, look how pretty.

Is it too much??? GO SEE THE VIDEO ON @upyoumakeup !!! #christmastreeeyebrows #taytay #taylorr #taytay_xx

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Look how festive.

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Look how much effort.

The only bad thing about this trend is that we won’t be able to scroll aimlessly through Instagram looking at it very soon.

Which really is a shame because it’s fairly unreal.

We can only hope that New Years Eve brows become a thing ASAP.