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14th May 2019

Celebrity hairstylist shares his number one tip for treating frizzy hair

Cathy Donohue

Celebrity hairstylist

Celebrity hairstylist shares his number one tip for treating frizzy hair.

Whatever your hair type, frizzy locks are a common complaint and different seasons can really play havoc with your mane.

Central heating in winter often has an impact while the sunshine can cause your hair to dry out, resulting in unwanted frizz.

Thankfully, Larry King, hair guru to the stars including Poppy Delevingne and Courtney Love, has a couple of expert tips that will help you manage unruly locks.

Chatting to Her, the celebrity hairstylist explained,

“Frizzy hair is really common and lots of my clients claim to suffer from it. I am always asked what can be done to help manage frizz and my advice always remains the same.

Get a cut that works for your hair type and face shape and invest in prescriptive haircare and styling”.

So there you go, the first step is to consult your hairdresser and ensure that you have the best possible cut and shape whether your hair is thick, fine, curly or straight.

Larry also emphasised the importance of at-home care for your locks, explaining that Redken’s Frizz Dismiss has been designed to tackle this particular hair mare.

“Redken Frizz Dismiss will weatherproof your hair, leaving you ready to face all four seasons in one single day”.

The range consists of six products designed for any type of hair in any weather, with all products promising to protect against frizz, essentially “frizz-proofing” your hair.

It includes shampoo, conditioner, two hair oils that combat specific types of frizz while Rebel Tame (€32), a leave-in cream, has been described as a “must-have”.

It “tames unruly frizz, hydrates, detangles and protects hair from heat” and we do love a good multi-tasking product.