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12th Dec 2018

Carter Beauty Cosmetics is here so what’s next for the beauty guru?

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics. 

Okay, so over the past few weeks of our six-part docu-series that has gone #BehindTheBrand, delving into the world of Carter Beauty Cosmetics, we’ve learned a hell of a lot about business, ideas, branding and sheer determination.

It’s all far from over. After all, Marissa plans to add another 30 products to the 103 product range by next spring, and even after that, it’s price range and superior quality will change the industry as a whole and as the beauty guru puts it, hopefully “really, really piss off our competitors.”

But when you’ve finally reached launch date, the products are tip-top quality and you’ve EVERYTHING any woman or makeup fanatic could want in their makeup bag, what’s next?

Episode 6: It Has Arrived

After the REALLY BIG baby, that is Carter Beauty Cosmetics, has come to fruition, Marissa wants to focus on “the beast” she wants it to be. But on a personal level, she says;

“There’s a few things I’d love to do – I’d love to learn how to sail, I would love to get a degree, so I’m looking at going back to college maybe and doing a digital innovation course.

“I think when I look back, I missed out on a lot because I worked so hard. I was definitely a work-a-holic before I had children.

“But then, you know what, I don’t think I’d be where I am now if I hadn’t worked so hard. So maybe I wouldn’t tell myself to slow down. I don’t know if it’s healthy and want to change things so I think I’d prefer to be able to look forward than to look back.”

Here, here! Watch Episode 6: It Has Arrived above (or below) and on YouTube, Facebook and IGTV.

Brought to you by Carter Beauty Cosmetics