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10th Aug 2018

Can you guess the most popular Shellac colour in Ireland last year?

Cathy Donohue

It’s one of our favourites.

We have a slight obsession with Shellac in the Her office, so much so that we talk about our nails regularly.

What colour we’re going to try next, which manicure chipped first, the latest salon in town and so on and so forth.

All this nail talk got us wondering about which colour is the most popular in Ireland and we weren’t too surprised to learn the results.

Having got in touch with the girls at the Publicity Loft who look after all things Shellac, we’re told that Field Fox was without a doubt the top seller last year.

Field Fox is available as both a Shellac manicure designed to last for 14 days or Vinylux, a weekly nail polish.

As a devotee of the stunning dove grey shade, I’m not surprised to hear that it’s so popular because it’s the type of shade that’s just so wearable.

Although it looks like a grey, it’s actually described as a “beige with mauve undertones” and if you haven’t tried it yet, then make it your mission to do so as soon as possible…it genuinely is that fab.

While Field Fox is a colour that can be worn all year round, there are some gorgeous bright shades and we’re going to try them before summer 2018 is officially over.

Main image via Instagram: CND World