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20th Feb 2017

This budget ingredient will massively up your beauty game for 2017

Are you using it yet?

Amanda Cassidy

As beauty finds go, coconut oil and it is pretty life changing.

It is cheap, versatile and can be used to help you lose weight too. Win-win.

So why is it so good? Well, it is unique in that it has medium-chain fatty acids which are not only easy to digest but they head straight to the liver where they produce energy instead of body fat. This boosts your metabolism.

Studies have shown that woman who had two spoons of coconut oil every day for 12 weeks lowered their tummy fat. And lord knows, that isn’t easy.

You can also smear it on your hair for an instant moisture mask. Simply heat up three spoons and massage into your scalp before bed. Cover with a shower cap and wash as usual in the morning. You should start to really notice softer locks and more nourished follicles.

It also makes a great facial moisturiser – perfect for my budget January. Just dab a little on your cheeks and under your eyes after you wash your face at night. After a few weeks, you should have noticeably softer and more glowy skin. It is also a great natural makeup remover.

If that wasn’t enough, the hard-working coconut oil can also be used to keep your teeth pearly white. Just mix six spoons of it with six spoons of baking soda and a few drops of essential oil and mix it up. Store it in a jar and run it over your teeth after brushing.

Prepare to dazzle, ladies.