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28th Jun 2018

Beyoncé’s makeup artist says this eyebrow shape suits everyone

"Universally flattering".
makeup artist

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Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John, has revealed the eyebrow shape that he believes suits everyone and unsurprisingly, it’s going viral.

The L’Oréal MUA, who works closely with Queen B since first meeting her at a Tom Ford show in 2011, believes there’s one shape that works for everyone and it’s beautifully simple.

Clearly, he knows what he’s talking about, just look at the singer’s perfect brows.

makeup artist

Sir John says that you’ll want to be careful when it comes to choosing your perfect eyebrow and not opt for anything too dramatic, which is in stark contrast to the many trends that have been doing the rounds of late.

Instead, the straight brow or what he terms the “universal shape” is your best call and you can adapt this to use your eyebrows.

In conversation with Byrdie, he said that once you have your ideal straight brow, then grab your personal favourite, go-to product and use “sweeping movements” to define your brows.

After that, the makeup guru recommends tapering the strokes as you get to the outer edges of your brow.

Sounds easy enough and a lot less stressful than attempting to perfect braided brows or worse again, dragon brows.

@hellylife with braided brows ?? #braidedbrows

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