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08th Aug 2017

This is the beauty serum everyone is RAVING about

Luxurious skincare at your fingertips.


Brought to you by Clarins. 

Oh, the things we do to make our skin look more youthful.

At times, it can be utterly intolerable, time consuming, AND it can leave us feeling miserable when we don’t see those much longed-for results.

Well ladies, we need wait no longer!

No doubt you’re familiar with the infamous Clarins Double Serum. Well now, 10 years since we first laid eyes on the terrific skincare product, Clarins have yet again found a way to make it even better!

Their 8th generation serum consists of two serums in one – water-soluble and oil-soluble serums – that combine only on the skin, not in the bottle, allowing them to work their magic to their full potential.

After just one-month beauty enthusiasts have had their dream of zero pores come true, plus reduced lines, firmer skin and incredibly radiant skin. Hurray!

Included in this superb bottle of youth is also the natural plants that are proven to optimise our skin’s health and luminosity. Think goji berry, kiwi, quinoa, lily and turmeric. Can we eat it too?

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Clarins talk about our skins five vital functions – regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration, and protection which this gorgeous bottle of elixir comes in VERY useful.

An added benefit – one that we really do appreciate –  is the fact that Clarins made it easy-peasy for us to adjust the amount of serum needed. Depending on which one we need most – we can choose to have more of the water-soluble or more of the oil soluble version depending on our skins needs.

All-round, this is one terrific skin care sensation, and we simply cannot wait to get our hands on some more.

Brought to you by Clarins.