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07th Aug 2021

This beauty hack can save you from picking at your skin

Makes sense.

Let’s face it.

We’ve all been compelled to pick at our skin a little bit in the past, and, as we’re left with red marks, we pretty much always wished we’d left it alone.

Thankfully, one Reddit user claims to have developed a simple hack to sop us from picking at our skin.

Posting on the subreddit r/SkincareAddiction, a woman posting under the screen-name cntessofmontecristo shared her tip for saving her skin.

She wrote: “[PSA] for my skin-pickers!! almond-shaped acrylic nails make it much harder to break skin, and nearly impossible to get a satisfactory “pop”.

She shared that the advice came from a therapist who was treating her, and added that this trick allowed her to quit picking at her skin entirely.

She wrote: “Therapist recommended to me for compulsive picking and one month later I have FINALLY kicked the habit, just in time for my wedding next month!!!”

In the comments section, other Reddit users shared their own experiences.

“I have the nervous habit of scratching at the sides of my thumbs when I’m stressed, which leads to some nasty hangnails.

“With my gel nails I can scratch away but not do any damage because the tips are too blunt. Only down side when I have a bad itch somewhere, it’s hard to get that satisfying scratch in!”

The original poster jumped to share that once she started scratching less, she noticed she was less itchy over time.

She said: “I’m the person that would try to scratch mosquito bites off and have also experienced quite a difference there…. the less you scratch the less you itch!! WHO KNEW THIS?!”

Another Reddit user shared their technique for resisting the urge to scratch or pick at their skin.

They wrote: “Liquid bandaid usually gets me to knock it off but maybe I do need to get some gel/acrylic tips. My thumbnails are wavy from pushing at the bottom of the cuticle too much too.”