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08th Aug 2019

This incredible beauty entrepreneur is including CBD in fake tan for the best reason

What a girl boss!

Today is National CBD Day, a day that recognises the natural hemp product everyone’s clamouring for!

Over the years, hemp-derived CBD has made quite a name for itself in the world of wellness.

CBD is naturally sourced and extremely versatile.

You can swallow it, vape it, rub it on your skin, and even bathe in it.

It’s an ingredient I have seen popping up all over the beauty industry, from mascara to lipgloss.

In fact, it’s even an ingredient in a very unique form of fake tan!

At the tender age of 26, Rebecca Mone is the CEO of fake tan empire UTAN, an dis the ultimate girl boss.

I recently chatted to the lovely Rebecca about her journey into the tanning business, the benefits of CBD and her plans for the future.

“UTAN was a family business which my mum passed to me after I had been running it for a couple of years” she tells me, adding that she inherited a natural flair for business from her parents.

Rebecca approached her mum about refreshing the brand and rebuilding it to become the most innovative tanning company out there.

And so, she got to work.

After just 6 months at the helm of UTAN, Rebecca saw the company win 3 awards for the world’s first Coconut Tanning Water – not too shabby, right?

“It’s been a whirlwind since then!” she says, adding that UTAN is the “most engaged and followed UK Tanning brand on Instagram”.

Having developed the coconut tanning water, and their famous tanning gummies – Rebecca was looking for new and exciting opportunities in the world of fake tan.

The concept for CBD infused tan came to her, as she examined beauty trends and customer behaviour.

Of course, I had to ask about the genuine benefits to including CBD in a tanning product.

“CBD is promoted as having extensive health benefits internally and externally, especially gentle on the skin.”

“It’s moisturising, nourishing and calming, so it made sense to combine it with self-tan. We actually got a comment yesterday that it’s ‘cleared up’ someone’s eczema, which is so exciting for us!”

She continued:

“Facial tanners can be difficult for people with problematic skin to use, as tan can flair up acne and block the pores. That’s why the CBD Tanning Water is naturally fragranced with anti-bacterial lavender oil and no perfume.”

UTAN teamed up with Jamie Genevieve, who’s arguably one of the biggest beauty bloggers in the UK, to create the perfect CBD tanning formula.

Speaking about the exciting partnership, Rebecca said:

“She has been a fan of the brand from when I took over, so it made sense having her on board. Everything we do at UTAN has authenticity, we will never pay anyone to promote for us unless they have a genuine passion for the products and the brand.”

“I have a feeling the big tanning corporations will follow in UTANS footsteps.”

When asked what the next few months has in store, Rebecca said:

“I’m getting involved in some social entrepreneurship projects which is exciting.”

“For UTAN, 2020 is the year to go global!”

I have no doubt that by this time next year, UTAN will have taken over the world.