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18th Aug 2017

This bath bomb from Lush will help you reduce anxiety and stress

It's out of this world.

Ready for blast off.

Lush’s latest addition to their bath bomb line has got us starry eyed – and very relaxed.

The Rocket Science contains the soothing scents of lemon and bergamot oils, which will help you focus and is a great pick me up when you’re feeling down.

Even better, according to Lush, the bath bomb’s citrus oils are “an excellent remedy to curb anxiety and stress”.

And once you drop it into the water, it soars across the tub – with the “engine” leaving little stars in it’s wake.

It retails for €3.24 (£2.95) online and €4.25 in shops.

And Rocket Science isn’t the only product that has proven to be a hit from the beauty brand lately.

Lush’s dreamy Sleepy lotion has been causing a commotion on social media – with many people swearing it helps them get to sleep.

Featured image via Lush Dublin Henry Street’s Facebook.