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19th May 2021

Penneys x Andrew Fitzsimons have launched a new hair must-have

Melissa Carton

I know what I’m picking up in Penneys!

Since Penneys opened back up by appointment last week and fully this week I’ve seen many fashion hauls in my homefeed.

For me though a trip to Penneys is all about raiding their hair and beauty range and now they have a new product that I need to have in my hair care bag of tricks.

Last year world-renowned hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons launched his debut collection with Penneys and Primark.

Throughout the last year and a half the celebrity stylish, whose client list includes the Kardashians, has gradually been adding more and more products to his line.

Now Fitzsimons has added to his popular pink range once again with his new root concealers.

While he officially launched them last month, due to Penneys being closed until recently we haven’t been able to actually get our hands on them.

Fitzsimons shared an image of his fab new root concealers to Instagram with shades ranging from blonde to black;

“So proud and happy to announce my new drop with !! The Andrew Fitzsimons roots concealers are going to change your life whether you want to cover up your roots between salon visits or want to make your hair look fuller!

We’ve also added so many essential accessories to our collection including new colours of some of your favorites like our scrunches and flat clips as well as new additions like our wet brush and silk pillow cases! So head to @primark and try them out before they’re gone! Prices from €2.50”

Fitzsimon also revealed that the range will include silk pillowcases, which as someone with frizzy prone hair I can not wait to buy!

The new AF root concealers are priced at €2.50 which is a very small price to pay for a root touch up.