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28th Jun 2019

Aimee Connolly dishes on her brand new store and how she stays motivated

Rebecca O'Keeffe

aimee connolly

She’s one hell of a woman.

So, I have said it before, and I will say it again – Aimee Connolly is one of the hardest working women in Ireland.

She works as a makeup artist, runs her own makeup academy and has her own range of cosmetics.

Real casual.

And sure, hasn’t she only gone and opened her own store (I’m exhausted just thinking about it!)

Opening a store is a big freakin’ deal, so naturally, I gave my gal Aimee a call to get the low down on the whole thing.

My first question? Well, why a store?

“I always wanted to open a front facing venue. I have grown up in my career as a makeup artist working for global brands such as Urban Decay and MAC and I absolutely loved my time there,” she explained.

“For me as a makeup artist it’s really important that my brand offers that entire 360 approach so the store was a natural extension for us to have a destination where people could come for tips, lessons, personalised shopping or to get glammed up!”

The shiny new store is located in Dundrum, adjacent to the shopping centre, which as we all know, is a busy spot.

And naturally, there will be competition in the area, particularly with the wide range of cosmetics available in Dundrum at the moment.

However, the concept of competition doesn’t phase Aimee, it just enhances the challenge.

“I think no matter where you go there will be competition, the makeup industry alone is hugely competitive. However, I do believe everyone has their own unique selling points and that there is room for everyone that works hard,” she explained.

“We have big plans for this store in what we want to offer, how we set ourselves apart and how active we are so I am hoping it will be amazing (like it already is!)”

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Soooo…. the secret is out (even though I’m sure you may have put 2 and 2 together)… buttt…we’re opening a shop!!! ????? We’re launching with family & friends this Thursday @ 6pm on on Main Street Dundrum (right beside the shopping centre) and then we’re open to the lovely public Friday from 12pm… forever ???This isn’t a pop up but our first long standing store where you’ll be able to shop, have a makeover, lesson or visit our Academy ?? We are so so sooo excited (very nervous) but would love if you popped in to say hi! ?? We also have goodie bags for the first 50 customers this Friday, Saturday & Sunday to celebrate ? Really excited for this new venture & ill hope that you’ll join us! ? Ps if you want to book in for a makeover I have the link in bio! ❤️ Wahooooo – what a week ??? @sculptedbyaimee #sculptedbyaimee #newstore

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I can confirm it is, btw. I kind of want to live in it?

Much like Dundrum, the beauty market itself is pretty damn competitive, almost saturated in fact. But does this scare Aimee? Obviously not.

“I definitely think it’s a saturated market and Ireland is small compared to some markets we are soon to enter. However, Ireland is great in that we really do love to support our own which is amazing.”

“People can see the hard work that goes into it between flying out to Korea, launching products, attending trade shows or opening a store. It takes work and I think people really respect that.”

And sure, is she stopping in Ireland? No no no. Aimee has big plans to take her brand all over the world.

She’s some woman.

“We just entered the UK which we will take slowly! We’re entering the Philippines and the Middle East soon, with the USA naturally on my list. We’re in discussions at the moment but I’m always conscious of doing things right and not rushing.”

Seriously, does this woman ever sleep?

Truthfully, despite having so much going on, Aimee is driven my the most important thing – a genuine love for what she does.

“I get messages from people asking me what vitamins I take or how I keep going and the simple probably cliché answer is passion.”

“I love what I do, I get excited by the challenges, obviously I get stressed and disappointed but you just pick yourself back up and go again!”

Well, if that’s not a mind frame to live by, I don’t know what is.