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11th Dec 2023

Millie Court and Liam Reardon share big Christmas plans

Anna Martin

Liam Reardon Millie court

Millie Court and Liam Reardon are planning a family Christmas

The two jetted over to Ireland for the launch of Dundrum on Ice and chatted about all things festive as they revealed their big plans for this year’s celebrations.

Yet before they got into those details, Liam wanted to confirm his blood ties to Ireland – honestly, no surprise with a name like his.

“I did one of those online DNA tests and found out that I’m 34% per cent Irish,” the former reality star declares proudly, “My great-grandfather was Irish and he moved over to Wales.”

Liam Reardon Millie court
Credit: Brian McEvoy

It seems that since then, the family haven’t left as Millie revealed that she was planning to spend Christmas in Wales with Liam and his family.

“I’m spending it in Wales with Liam and his sister and my mum and my sister will be joining us so we’re bringing the family together,” she explains with a smile.

It won’t be their first Christmas together as Millie had previously made the journey up for the festive season where her other half tried to get her to participate in one of his traditions.

“He actually tried to make me on the first Christmas we spent together, her tried to get me to run into the sea!” she tells us before Liam cuts in adding, “I’ve never actually done it by the way.”

Liam Reardon Millie court
Credit: Brian McEvoy

“A lot of people do it and I want to do it this year, I’ll drag Millie in!” he jokes but something tells us it’s more likely to be Millie dragging Liam in behind her.

Though the two have the location of their celebrations sorted, only half of the couple has their shopping done and he’s a hint; it’s not the Welsh man.

“I’ve done all of mine and I’m so proud, I’ve finished it all and I’ve got a very good present for Liam,” Millie says with a coy smile.

When asked to give a hint she remains tight-lipped, not wanting to risk ruining the surprise.

Liam on the other hand is more of a last-minute, rush-the-shops kind of guy it seems. “I haven’t done it yet,” he confesses, “I’ll do mine the night before. Okay two days before.

Liam Reardon Millie court
Credit: Brian McEvoy

“I’ll go into Boots, three for two on all the washing sets so that’s my nan my mother and my sister. Millie will get a kiss on Christmas morning!’

Judging by Millie’s secret surprise you’ll want to be giving her more than a kiss Liam!