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07th Jun 2019

People are trying this new 90-day beauty challenge and we are so here for it


Brought to you by Perfectil.

Our skin already feels better.

We all know that life can take a toll us physically. Whether we’re a bit sleep deprived, the wind is blowing too hard, or constant make-up gets our pores all clogged up, we often leave the house less than impressed with our looks that day.

A lot of that can actually be put down to what’s going on inside our bodies: do we have enough of the right vitamins in our bloodstream? If we don’t, our skin, hair, nails, and a whole lot of other things will pay the price. If your hair is feeling less shiny than usual or your nails are feeling weaker or looking slightly discoloured, you’ll definitely want to take a look at increasing your intake of certain vitamins.

That’s where Perfectil comes in. It’s a beauty vitamin supplement that makes sure you’re getting all those necessary vitamins and minerals into your system. It’s packed with B-vitamins and has Biotin to help with good skin maintenance. It’s also packed with Selenium and Zinc to keep those nails healthy and get your hair looking fresh and fabulous.


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Perfectil does its magic from the inside out. They are all about nurturing and magnifying all of your own natural qualities to get you feeling your most beautiful self.

The best thing you can do for your body is, of course, staying persistent with your vitamin intake, which is why Perfectil came up with their 90-day challenge. The challenge is pretty straight forward – just take one Perfectil vitamin every day for 90 days. That’s it. Keep those vitamins plentiful in your bloodstream.

It’s not just us that are giving this challenge a go either – Jodie Matthews, Emma Kehoe, and Niamh O’Sullivan are all trying it out too.  They are currently about two weeks in and will be adding the Perfectil vitamin to their summer beauty routines for the next few months. You can follow along with them on Instagram to see how they’re finding it and whether they’ve noticed any changes.

If this challenge intrigues you like it did us and you want to give it a go, just pick up a pack of Perfectil at your local pharmacy or health food store for only €12.99 (bargain!). If you love them as much as we do, there’s no chance you’ll be stopping after those 90 days. We certainly won’t be.

Let that inner beauty shine.

Brought to you by Perfectil

Perfectil’s range of beauty vitamins and minerals provide specific support to help maintain great looking skin, hair and nails all year round. Perfectil works by delivering nourishment through the boodstream, so works ‘from within’. Why not take the 90 day challenge and pick up a pack of Perfectil in your local pharmacy or health food store for only €12.99? For more information on the Perfectil range, visit the Perfectil online