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27th Jun 2018

5 ways we’ve been shaving our legs wrong this whole time

Sophie White

There are few things worse than a pair of black opaque tights in summer.

It’s no time for covering up right now. Whatever the weather, in this country this season is a state of mind, so I adjust my expectations and get the legs out.

Of course being a slacker in the grooming department, I only discovered recently that I’ve been shaving my legs (when I actually bother to that is) wrong for years. So here’s five tips for getting your legs summer-ready.


1. Shaving the legs first thing

Upon hopping into the shower if I’m embarking on a bit of de-hairing I usually get right down to it.

Not cool: Apparently waiting ’til the end of your shower is kinder to the legs as the steam and heat from the water opens up the pores, softens the hair and makes the legs far more amenable to being shorn.

2. Going the WRONG direction

This one seems incredibly basic, but it turns out that as the proud owner of very sensitive skin I’ve been going the wrong way the whole time.

Not cool: If you have sensitive skin going against the hairs (shaving upwards) can be too harsh. Shave downwards (with the hair) and repeat if the results are not smooth enough.

3. Skipping the foam

Obviously I am lazy and not only do I frequently dry shave (and then wonder why my legs are in bits) even when I do involve a bit of moisture I rarely bother with shaving foam.

Not cool: Shaving is an aggressive act, and the legs need a little kindness during the process. Even soap is not a good substitute as it dehydrates the skin. Coconut oil is great for shaving your legs if you want a more natural alternative to foam. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, prevents razor burn and moisturises the skin.

4. Holding onto old razors

Sometimes it’s like I get sentimentally attached to old disposable razors. I just can’t seem to let go.

Not cool: Old blunt razors cause more bumps and irritation than their shiny, sharp, brand new counterparts. Treat yourself.

5. Cutting myself to shreds

Now that I am a mother shaving my legs is not the leisurely pursuit it once was. The task needs to be accomplished rapidly which invariably leads to hacking my legs to pieces.

Not cool: Shaving cuts are bound to happen, but applying a bit of gentle waxy lip balm to the cut will stop the bleeding immediately and protect it.