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02nd Jan 2021

3 makeup trends that are on the way out in 2021

Anna Rourke

This New Year, old beauty trends are set to die hard.

This year we’re forecasting that. just like every other aspect of our lives, makeup looks will be influenced by the global pandemic.

Mask-wearing is now a daily thing so we predict a bigger emphasis on eye makeup, with graphic liner and coloured eyeshadow and mascara coming to the fore.


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On the other hand, we’ll likely see a revival in understated makeup, reflecting not only the fact that we’ll be spending plenty of time at home but also the popularity of late 90s/ Y2K aesthetic in fashion.

We’re all for these changes but they will mean that some of the most iconic makeup styles of the last few years will be old news.

Here are the trends we reckon are on the way out this year.


Super defined brows

We’ve all been slaves to the perfectly carved out eyebrow for years. Finally, we’re seeing things change as more fluffy, ‘imperfect’ brow shapes come back into style.

Want to get on board? Resist the urge to draw out your brows in straight lines. Instead, use a brow gel to arch them upwards and then fill in gaps using a thin tool with a super light hand.


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Heavy contour

There’s no makeup trend that Instagram has popularised more than contouring. It’s a look that lots of us have put serious time, effort and money into mastering and that looks great in photos – but we say it’s had its day.

Super carved-out cheeks and contrasting highlighter triangles under the eyes are set to be replaced by a clearer-skin look – especially as we all put more time into our skincare. Instead, rely on a peach-toned blush for a naturally flushed look. Add it to cheekbones and sweep it gently across the nose and forehead.


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Lip liner, lipstick and gloss

Because really, who can be bothered to do all three (and keep topping them up) when the lower half of your face is covered most of the time anyway?

Instead, lip stains are poised for a comeback – they’ll add a touch of colour that’ll last the day.


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