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29th Sep 2015

10 Signs… It’s Time to Change Your Hairstyle

From still have 'The Rachel' to split ends

Rebecca McKnight

Your hairstyle is something that’s very unique to you. It can also make you feel incredible or rubbish (depending on how it turns out). Here are 10 signs it’s time for a change…

You’re still rocking ‘The Rachel’

We love this style but there comes a time that every style must pass.

Your roots have taken over your hair

We’ve all been there!

You look back at photos from five years ago and your hairstyle hasn’t changed

They do say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But it doesn’t mean you can’t alter it a slight bit.

You spend hours trying to style it… and then just put it up in a ponytail

The ponytail has served us well and there’s nothing wrong with it but not EVERY day.

Someone tells you look just like your aunt (who hasn’t been to the salon in like five years)

She’s our favourite aunt but that doesn’t mean we want her to be our hair twin.

Someone asks you if your hair is naturally like that (and puts the emphasis on the “that”)

Books appointment right away.

When someone actually comments on your split ends

Firstly, they’re mean. Secondly, you might need a trim.

Crimping is still a thing

No. Just, no.

You comment on everyone else’s

Forget theirs, you should love your own.

You keep saying that you’re thinking about changing it

In the words of Nike, just do it.