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26th Jan 2017

The Zara jacket everyone’s after at the moment

Have you spotted this piece yet?

Cathy Donohue

Want, want, want.

I’ve been thinking about this jacket for the past three days, telling myself that buying a coat in spring is just silly.

However, the fact that it’s still in my head is a telling sign to go ahead and purchase, right?!

It’s a sensible buy really, black so you’ll get LOTS of wear from it and in Ireland, you need a coat all year round, pretty much.

I’m not the only one obsessing either as this particular Zara piece (€89.95) is getting a lot of love on Instagram at the minute.

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You would think at this point it would be sold out but I’ve been in and out of the app (a ridiculous amount of times) over the past few days and it’s still available, in most sizes too.

Race you to it…