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26th Jan 2024

Sleepy girl mocktail recipes are everywhere right now, but do they actually work to improve sleep?

Sophie Collins

Sleepy Girl

Tired of counting sheep with the Sunday Scaries? You’re not alone.

A recent study has shown that 1 in 3 adults suffer from insomnia, but TikTok is once again here claiming it has a delicious viral remedy.

The ‘Sleepy Girl Mocktail’ trend is a sensation on the social media platform at the moment and it promises to add a sprinkle of magic to your nighttime routine. 

Gracie Norton, the brains behind this alleged sleep-inducing drink – Sleepy Girl Mocktail – has taken the internet by storm with her million-view TikTok video. 

@gracie_norton the only time i struggle with sleep is right at the end of my luteal phase! This is working WONDERS!! 💛 (not something im planning on drinking every single night, just near the end of my luteal phase! #healthyhabits #mocktails #bettersleep #sleep ♬ The Lazy Song – Galuh

Norton combined tart cherry juice, some fizz such as sparkling water and magnesium powder.

The star of the show is the magnesium powder, which according to research, plays a role in improved sleep.

When it landed on social media at first, the wellness influencer claimed the drink was a cure for poor sleep brought about by her menstrual cycle.

But does it really work?

Responding to the trend, Samantha Cassetty, a registered dietitian cautioned: “I don’t think that it’s necessarily going to be like a magic bullet the minute you consume it, but I do think that the ingredients in it can support healthy sleep.”

Dr. Steven Feinsilver, director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Northwell Lenox Hill Hospital, also says the main effect of this mocktail is likely placebo.

“Anything that you might take that you believe will relax you and make you sleepy can do so. Sleep is very susceptible to the placebo effect,” he says.

But hey, if it works… there is no harm.

Mattress Online has jumped on the effective trend and come up with their own rendition of the sleep cocktail; The Pillow Colada.

So, what’s in this dreamy drink? 

  • Ice 
  • Pineapple Juice 
  • Coconut Water 
  • 1 tablespoon of magnesium powder 

Pineapple juice brings melatonin to the party, while coconut water is the stress-busting sidekick loaded with magnesium and potassium. 

These ingredients, combined with a dash of magnesium powder, aim to whisk you off to dreamland.

Cheers to sweet dreams and restful nights!