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01st May 2014

Trade Secrets – Sneak Peek Into A Stylish Wardrobe

Check her style out.

We’ve all had that moment where you see someone on the street and think, “Oh, I love her bag/top/skirt.”

Some can work up the courage to ask a stranger where they shop, but not all of us are that brave.

This gave us an idea for a feature and we’re hoping to hunt down the country’s most stylish women to quiz them on their favourite fashion finds and style tips.

Next on our style crush list is Emma Bolger, senior press officer for River Island.

In her own words, here are Emma’s style essentials:

I have quite a few leather jackets but this pink one is my current favourite. It’s girly but has a bit of an edge to it and looks great over a dress.

pink biker_opt

Statement necklaces are a great way to update your wardrobe. I love glamming up a basic outfit with a fab necklace.


I also love my bangle from Avoca, it always makes me smile because my little girl picked it for me.


My go-to pieces in my wardrobe are definitely dresses. I have a lot and working in River Island is great because I get to grab all the latest ones as soon as they arrive in the store.

My favourite high street store is definitely River Island. I love the great mix of casual and smart pieces. The footwear is always amazing and so are the dresses.

It’s great to see the sun out finally so I can dust off my sunglasses collection. I love trying different styles and shapes and hiding behind them if I am having an off day!


If money was no object I would be draped in Chanel and Marc Jacobs. I would love a Chanel bag and dream of stumbling across one in a vintage shop for a fiver!

One of my favourites is a Marc Jacobs cross body bag that I wear all the time as it’s so handy. I’m not a fan of bags you have to hold on your arm. I usually carry lot of stuff so I like cross body bags that don’t make me feel like I am lifting weights.

marc jacobs

I love looking at different fashion blogs and Pinterest for inspiration. I think Lauren Conrad always looks great and I love watching what the Kardashians are wearing. Sometimes they can look great and other times not so much, but I still love spying on them.

Work means I travel to London a lot and I love checking out street style there for outfit inspiration.