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10th Jan 2018

Topshop removes ‘fake news’ jeans from website due to controversy

Just no.
Penneys and Topshop have two identical blouses in - but one's three times dearer

No lies detected.

The slogan made famous by Donald Trump and then named Collins Dictionary’s word of the year 2017 has caused a bit of a stir again online, after Topshop decided to run it down the leg of their latest product.

Releasing the “MOTO ‘Fake News’ Slogan Straight Leg Jeans”, people were less than impressed by the retailer giving the term even more spotlight than it needs.

And now with Trump organising his own “Fake News Awards” in hopes to control the news cycle for the day and discredit journalists who write against him – people are not happy that Topshop is giving this word more “plug” especially in Donald’s red and white colouring.

The jeans which were retailing at €60 have now been removed from their US, UK and EU sites.