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03rd Jan 2018

You’re going to see a lot of this bridesmaid dress colour in 2018

2018 bridesmaids

Know any 2018 brides?

Maybe you’re getting married next year, maybe you’re a bridesmaid for one of your nearest and dearest or perhaps you just love anything wedding related.

Either way, you might be intrigued to know that there’s a new colour trending for bridesmaids and it’s really rather stunning.

As you may be aware, blush pink was the colour of choice for bridesmaids last year and this particular hue is getting an upgrade for 2018.

According to Wedding Wire, Nostalgia Rose was spotted on a number of runways last season, a sure sign that it’s going to be big for the year ahead.

Even the name is fabulous and we can definitely see this catching on.

It’s still a pink but a richer shade and there’s a hint of mauve/purple that sets it apart from the traditional blush colour.

Check out the below bridal party pictures and we think you’ll agree that it’s just gorgeous and likely to feature in many of this year’s weddings.

Another trend that’s becoming increasingly popular is to have different bridesmaid dresses, choosing various colours and patterns.

This can result in a really unique effect and some beautiful photos. The options are actually endless when it comes to wedding style…

Desert vibes with a city backdrop. Photo by @hellogabyj

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