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22nd Sep 2018

There’s one major mistake that we always make when washing jeans

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A tip we’ll be using again and again.

It’s difficult enough to find the perfect pair of jeans and when we do, we want to do everything we can to make sure they last forever.

However, washing and drying them can prove problematic so there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Now as you’re probably aware, putting your jeans in the tumble dryer is a bad, BAD idea as this will more than likely to shrink them.

However, when it comes to the correct drying method for jeans, there’s one key tip to keep in mind.

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According to Who What Wear, squeezing and wringing your jeans to ‘take the wet out’ (a true Irish Mammy expression if ever there was one) is best avoided.

Although this might be the easiest and quickest method of removing excess water, it can be detrimental to the shape of your jeans.

Thankfully, they have a recommendation for what you should actually do in this situation.

“Roll them up and press on them to get the water out, then lay them flat or hang them up to dry”.

There you have it, try that next time you’re washing them and over time, this should lengthen the shelf-life of your favourite denims.

Main image via Instagram: Topshop