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13th Apr 2018

There’s new flip-flops on the market and you’d have to pay me to wear them

Please make it stop.

Denise Curtin

It honestly upsets me to stare at these.

Portuguese company iGUANEYE have been causing a lot of commotion in the past two days as they have released a new redesigned flip-flop that they believe fixes all the problems with your average toe thong flip-flop.

Firstly, lets point out that these flip-flops shouldn’t be called flip-flops because they have been “modified” to neither flip nor flop. So basically they are strapless sandals. Gag.

Anyways, the shoe grips onto your foot in two places, your heel and your big toe. Your big toe is the only part of your foot not on show and TBH, they’re really just hideous.

They look like something you’d wear to try and latch yourself onto a tree and scale it, or one of those sticky suction cup things you lick to stick to a window.

Either way, these shoes have us traumatised and there little promotional video is no better. “Perfect for the beach”, eh hun no thanks I’d prefer to walk barefoot on a bed of shells than wear these.

And it looks like the people of Twitter agree.