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28th May 2022

The best bra brands for those of us with a bigger chest

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Women with bigger chests exist.

Bigger boobs, they’re a blessing and a curse. While most people are jealous when it comes to them, they can cause a lot of unwanted attention, and worse, it’s nearly impossible to find bras let alone pretty ones.

While it’s definitely gotten easier over the years and brands have become a lot more inclusive, it still can be the bane of our lives.

To combat this, we reached out to our readers to find out what they think the best bra brands are for bigger chests, and what ones are actually worth buying.

Reaching out, almost a quarter of readers said Marks and Spencer was the place to go when looking for a bra, with Fantasie coming in a close second.

Of course, when it comes to bras, we want them to be flattering and supportive at the same time. Just because we have bigger chests doesn’t mean our bras have to look boring.

Panche, Bravissimo and Freya were the three next most popular brands, with Triumph and Victoria’s Secret following suit.

For a slightly cheaper option, Tesco’s F&F brand was mentioned twice, and for the price it’s definitely worth a try.

When it came to bra recommendations, one follower said: “Victoria’s Secret, they don’t look like your granny should be wearing them!”

Another said: “M&S are the best and they measure you for free.”

When it came to actually searching for bras, many said this was a regular struggle, and something that caused more hassle than needed.

One person said: “Hate wearing a bra now as they always hurt.”

While another wrote: “The struggle is real and big sis.”

Buying bras for a bigger chest shouldn’t be a hassle, but unfortunately, it can be. While this might be the case now, it’s always easier when we can get our nbit of support with a bit of support from brands, and these are the ones that are helping out the most.